Content Strategy for the Web by Kristina Halvorson

Content Strategy for the Web

Content Strategy for the Web epub

Content Strategy for the Web Kristina Halvorson ebook
ISBN: 0321620062, 9780321620064
Page: 135
Publisher: New Riders Press
Format: pdf

Too often the focus is on technology and not on what actually matters, content. I personally think it's a sad example of sexism on the web, but my responsibility on the blog is to note valuable strategies, and this one certainly can deliver. Kathy Sierra famously summed up most marketing departments' approach to content in this slide: kathy sierra - How we treat customers. Pro-Active Reputation Management Featured Content. Content strategy for the web by Kristina Halvorson is a must read for anyone developing digital services of any kind. Finding yourself wishing you'd read a book a few years earlier often indicates how useful it could be to your work, your life, your knowledge. Let's redraw the quad and give the strategic core the place it deserves. Yes, most of our organizations have marketers focused on acquiring leads to feed into our nurturing programs; but are we really thinking about this in terms of our content strategies? Edmonton UX book club started its new year with one of the hottest topics in the user experience community: content strategy. Kristina Halvorson is the founder and president of Brain Traffic, a web content agency. Since 1997, Kristina has led hundreds of content strategy and web writing projects of all shapes and sizes. Once all brands have started embracing content marketing, what happens then? We did so by having Kristina Halvorson come and discuss her book, Content Strategy for Web. When consumers finally tire of ads on the web (i.e., pre-roll, roadblock ads, basic banners), what will brands do? You've ignored the core of your web content strategy for too long. This book is aimed at helping teams tasked with managing larger websites get a handle on the content they work with.